July 11, 2007

Update: Thing #1

Just a couple hours ago I talked to my peeps here at work about leaving. So, as far as I know, I'm set to have my last day on the 20th. I think I'm fairly happy with the decision. I appreciate Petra's reminder that there is nothing more important than my time! It's so true! I also just like the idea of having to think about one schedule! I may get some more shifts at the other job, so I'll have a little flexibility with them and that's super.

So. Now I have to come up with another thing. Interesting.

June 20, 2007

Thing #5: Something to be determined

I can't think of a #5 that wouldn't make this blog look like a glorified to-do list. I love lists, especially to-do lists. I'll do my best.

Thing #4: "Find and start a foreign language class"

This thing was stolen directly from this guy I've lived with for over 5 years.

We started a German class back in January, but the class was canceled because there were only 4 of us. Since then, we've decided to join a Spanish class. Spanish will be more than useful for where we live, and we'll have lots of opportunity to practice!

Thing #3: Straighten up the freezer

It's driving me nuts. I can't find/see anything because everything is so packed in there. We have a large freezer, but it's located in WA and we're in CA, so that's a bit of a commute when I want to get out a loaf of bread... Until we bring the freezer to CA, I need to buy a shelf of some sort to help figure this all out.

Thing #2: Buy jeans

I hate shopping. I hate clothes shopping. I need new jeans. See the problem?

Thing #1: Decide when to quit my job

I currently have 2 jobs. One I absolutely love, and another one. Right now I'm working six days a week, and I'm not too keen on that. The time has come for me to quit my 'other' job. However, I don't want to quit or be a quitter. I also want to have more than one day off per week. I'm still debating this...