April 11, 2008

Long time, no post

Here's an update on my five:

1. Decide when to quit my job I did that in July of last year and never updated everyone. My job now does get me a lot of hours, so I'm happy with my decision. My new number one will now be to decide if I want to go full-time, and if I do, that may require transferring to another location.
2. Buy jeans I went shopping! I ventured out on my own one day and got a couple pairs at Mervyn's, then my friend L was down for a visit in August and took me shopping. I got a couple new pairs of jeans with her too. I recently took another trip with friends and ended up with three more jeans. I have seven or eight to choose from. Life is good. Thing number two will be to find someone to hem my pair of long jeans so they'll look great over my new boots!
3. Straighten up the freezer This was a lame one. I mostly organized it, but I don't think it will ever stay organized. I'll just have to deal with it.
4. "Find and start a foreign language class" We signed up for a non-language class and recently canceled it. I want to have more work hours and the time of the class interfered with when they needed coverage at work. No worries.
5. Something to be determined Now I have to find three more things to put on my list...

During the next week or so we'll be doing some changes in the apartment, so thing #3 will be to keep up on regular tasks while that is going on. Thing #4 can be to keep journaling. I picked that up a few weeks ago and it's been great. My biggest fear is someone finding it and reading it. So if you're ever around, respect the journal! Thing #5 will be to wash my china dishes and put them in the containers I've purchased for them. They've been sitting in boxes on the floor in the kitchen since January. I think it's time to put them away.

I guess that sums up some things... I think it's a good list to start with. I'll try to be better at posting!


July 11, 2007

Update: Thing #1

Just a couple hours ago I talked to my peeps here at work about leaving. So, as far as I know, I'm set to have my last day on the 20th. I think I'm fairly happy with the decision. I appreciate Petra's reminder that there is nothing more important than my time! It's so true! I also just like the idea of having to think about one schedule! I may get some more shifts at the other job, so I'll have a little flexibility with them and that's super.

So. Now I have to come up with another thing. Interesting.

June 20, 2007

Thing #5: Something to be determined

I can't think of a #5 that wouldn't make this blog look like a glorified to-do list. I love lists, especially to-do lists. I'll do my best.

Thing #4: "Find and start a foreign language class"

This thing was stolen directly from this guy I've lived with for over 5 years.

We started a German class back in January, but the class was canceled because there were only 4 of us. Since then, we've decided to join a Spanish class. Spanish will be more than useful for where we live, and we'll have lots of opportunity to practice!

Thing #3: Straighten up the freezer

It's driving me nuts. I can't find/see anything because everything is so packed in there. We have a large freezer, but it's located in WA and we're in CA, so that's a bit of a commute when I want to get out a loaf of bread... Until we bring the freezer to CA, I need to buy a shelf of some sort to help figure this all out.

Thing #2: Buy jeans

I hate shopping. I hate clothes shopping. I need new jeans. See the problem?

Thing #1: Decide when to quit my job

I currently have 2 jobs. One I absolutely love, and another one. Right now I'm working six days a week, and I'm not too keen on that. The time has come for me to quit my 'other' job. However, I don't want to quit or be a quitter. I also want to have more than one day off per week. I'm still debating this...